I fucking LOVE earth day Im going to stick a TREE up my ASS

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zettawolf Asked:
What's your favorite genre of music? (sorry if that's too vague again <:3)

My favorites are glitch hop, electric house, dubstep, soft music (jack Johnson and Natasha bedingfield and so fourth) harder music (disturbed, five finger death punch, Metallica, flyleaf and many more) things like Mumford and sons or blink 182 like these are all honestly my favorites and I haven’t even started

Anonymous Asked:
It was playing and I saw you reblogged something so I thought to myself "Hey, I think I'll send him a song"

Hehehe well thank you, for keeping me in your thoughts

Anonymous Asked:
I sent you a song :D

Hahaha care to tell me why that one? :3

Anonymous Asked:
[Record scratching sounds][Rapper] Yo, brother A to Z[Mraz] Yo, whassup B?[Rapper] Yo, what time is it?[Mraz] Haha it's laundry dayWell, let the geek in the pink take a stab at itIf you like the way I'm thinkin', baby, wink at itI may be skinny at times but I'm fat fulla rhymesPass me the mic and I'm a grab at itWell, isn't it delicious, crazy way that I'm kissin''Cause baby listen to this, don't wanna miss it while it's hittin'Sometimes you gotta fit in to get in

so confused

Anonymous Asked:
But don't ever quit 'cause soon I'm gonna let you in, but seeI don't care what you might think about meYou can vibe without me if you wantI could be the one to take you homeBaby we could rock the night aloneIf we never get down it wouldn't be a let downBut sugar don't forget what you already knowI could be the one to turn you outWe could be the talk across the townDon't judge it by the color, confuse it for anotherYou might regret what you let slip away


Anonymous Asked:
Like the geek in the pinkLike the geek in the pink, pink, pinkThe geek in the pink, yeahWell this relationship fodder don't mean to bother nobodyBut Cupid's automatic musta fired multiple shots at herBecause she fall in love too often that's what the matterAt least I talk about it keep my pattern of flattery andShe was starin' through the doorframeEyeing me down like already a bad boyfriendWell she can get her toys outta the drawer thenCause I ain't comin' home I don't need that attention, see